“What’s My Name?”

The number one song for this week on iTunes was “What’s my name?” by Rihanna featuring Drake.  Rihanna is one of the most popular music artists out there right now and she continues to produce number one hit after number one hit.  The feature that she has on her song is Drake, a rapper that has just recently released his first album that made number one a few months back.  This shows the intelligence Rihanna has when making a new song.  She wants her song to be a hit so to help that cause she asks one of the most popular rappers to feature on it.  This immediately attracts the eyes and ears of not only Rihanna fans but Drake fans as well.  This song is about a boy that Rihanna is either interested in or involved with that is really making her fall.

you got that something

that keeps me so off balance

baby you’re a challenge,

lets explore your talent”

She talks about if this boy can keep up with her and if this boy has what it takes because she really wants to be with him and this boy is really her type.  Considering what has happened to her over the past year with Chris Brown physically abusing her and what not I think it is a really good sign to see her singing about a boy that she has a thing for and a strong liking towards.  This shows that she is slowly but surely getting over the traumatic events of the Chris Brown incident and moving on to bigger and better things.

It takes a really strong woman to be able to come back from such a traumatizing moment like that in her life.  Not many people, if any, can envision the person they love striking them so many times in the face that they become unrecognizable, however that’s what happened to Rihanna and she has risen above it.  She made it a mission to forget about Chris Brown and everything that he has done to her, whether it is good or bad, and move on with her life.  Not too long after the incident, Rihanna’s overall music was very “hard” and powerful.  She wanted to portray through her music how was not going to let this effect her and how she wouldn’t let her stop her from doing what she wants to do in life.  Of course, she got enormous amounts of respect all throughout the nation after the incident and that only made her stronger.  She is a great role model for all women out there and especially for women that have been physically abused in passed relationships.  She illustrates a great way to overcome such obstacles and how to endure the emotional and physical pain in a relationship.

Overall, this song can easily relate to any college student that sees a male or female that they are interested in and want to get to know.  It happens in almost every day; two people catch one another staring and instantly an attraction arises.  In this song Rihanna is talking about how she is into this boy but is still a little skeptical by asking, “What’s my name?” but she still knows the attraction is there.  In college, especially at Michigan State University, you see a different face every single day so you never truly know when an attraction will occur.  By Rihanna relating so well to college kids it ultimately makes her music more popular and more well liked, because who would not like a song that they can relate so well to?


“We R Who We R”

The number one song on iTunes this week is “We R Who We R” by Ke$ha. Ke$ha is an up and coming artist that is quickly putting out songs that are immediately shooting to number one.  I believe this is because she strongly relates to teens and young adults that love to party and dance in the club.  For example, “We R Who We R” is all about clubbing and partying hard as she sings in her song:

“Tonight we’re going har-har-h-h-h hard

Just like the world is our-our-ah-ah-ah ours!

We’re tearing it apar-par-par-pa-pa-pa part

You know we’re superstars

We R who we R”

There is no real meaning to this song besides having a good time and I believe you cannot really go wrong with that.  Just about everyone wants to listen to music that is upbeat and gets you happy and makes you want to dance and that’s exactly what this song does.  However, Ke$ha is definitely in a world of her own.  She is known to be very abstract and unique, to put it nicely, and if you look deeper into this song you can almost interpret that she is not implying to have a sober good time.  In her song she sings:

“We’re dancing like we’re dumb-dum-duh-duh-duh dumb

Our bodies going numb-num-nuh-nuh-nuh numb

We’ll be forever young-yun-y-y-y young

You know we’re superstars

The way I interpreted the first line, where she talks about “dancing like we’re dumb” implies that she is dancing drunk.  In the second line when she states that “our bodies going numb” means to me that she might be on a certain drug to make her body go numb, whether it is ecstasy or cocaine.  By no means is Ke$ha a good influence for young girls and teenagers like I stated Taylor Swift was in my previous posts, but that does not stop the girls from going crazy when they hear the new Ke$ha track.  On a lighter note, for someone to be talking about partying hard and drugs, she still finds a way to woo her audience and continue to release number one songs.  Even a past number one song of hers was “Your Love is My Drug” and even though that talks about loving a guy, she still felt the need to reference her love to drugs.  Overall, she is, like I said earlier, abstract and unique but hey, it clearly works for her.  Maybe people like that she is like that because she does not fit the stereotype as a regular pop singer.  It makes sense that the public would like someone that goes off the beaten path because look at Lady Gaga, very abstract and unique to say the least, and she has hit after hit with her albums going platinum and winning award after award.  So even though Ke$ha is strange, she clearly hit the nail on the head with what the public wants to see and hear.  Ke$ha is only 23 years old and new to the music game yet she already found a way to tackle the public and blow away her audience.  Even though Ke$ha is a singer, in just about every song she has she raps a small part to change it up a bit.  I think this is one of her most creative aspects to her songs and it really shows you how talented she really is.  People have not really heard a sound like Ke$ha before and to hear a girl like this rapping, even if it is only a few bars, it changes the whole outlook of the song.  She makes it cool and different, once again, straying away from the stereotypical pop singer song.  What I found most ironic about Ke$ha however, is that even though she is so different she decided to not change her name.  Most artists have a real name, of course, and then have a different stage name.  For example, Eminem’s first name is really Marshall and Lady Gaga’s first name is Stefani; both not relating at all to their stage names.  Ironically, as different as Ke$ha is, her real name is also Kesha (with a real ‘s’ instead of the $ of course).  This is right on the same level as Madonna.  Ke$ha relates to Madonna so much in the variety and sound of her music, the different and quirky personality they both have, and also the fact that there is no difference between their real and stage names.  For me to be able to compare Ke$ha to Madonna that shows you the kind of talent that Ke$ha really has.  It’s a stretch, but if Ke$ha keeps it up she can maybe one day be put on the same level as the multi-talented Madonna.



The number one song on iTunes this week is once again another Taylor Swift song called “Mean.”  It is not a shock to me that she has a number one song two weeks in a row considering her increased popularity and unbelievable talent.  This one is also along the same lines as the number one hit from last week, “Back to December.”  In this song she is talking about a guy that is constantly hurting her and essentially being “mean” to her but she won’t let it affect her.


I’ll be,

Big enough so you can’t hit me.”

But what she keeps asking, which is repeated in her chorus, is the question of why.  She persistently asks, “why you gotta be so mean?” because she just wants to know the reason for treating her this way.  What I took out of this was that this guy that she is talking about used to be possibly an old boyfriend that treated her poorly and she doesn’t know why.  Taylor is great because she is basically ripping this guy to pieces in such a graceful and upbeat way, proving to this guy and her audience that she truly won’t let this guy affect her.  The examples of her ripping this guy to pieces is when she says, which a gracious, cheerful voice, mind you:

“All you are is mean,

And a liar, and pathetic,

And alone in life and mean.”

This is why Taylor is such a great role model to young girls out there.  Taylor is showing everyone out there that if you do come across a partner that is a liar, or pathetic, or just flat out mean, you can move on and show that person that you are better than him or her.  Also, this song is about how Taylor had a guy that treated her poorly but with the upbeat and happy tone of this song it gives young girls out there the impression that Taylor will not let this guy get to her and it is proven in her singing in such a way that she seems happy that this guy is now out of her life.  To read between the lines of Taylor’s words, she is saying to her audience that no matter what bad things happen in your life you should always keep your head held up high because you will become better than that person.  Taylor single handedly gives young girls and women the strength to keep moving forward, regardless of a tough breakup in their lives, through her words.

Just like last week’s number one hit, “Back to December” Taylor Swift seems to be developing a trend in her new album.  This trend is Taylor going through a rough break up and she expresses this through most of her songs on this new album.  For starters, the name of this new album is “Speak Now” and one can interpret that she is inferring that her Ex “speaks now” and talks to her about the breakup.  Also, besides “Back to December” and “Mean” you can just tell by her other song titles that they are about relationships.  For instance, one of the first songs on her album is called “Sparks Fly” which can possibly talk about the start of the relationship and just meeting this guy.  She than has a song called “Last Kiss” which is one of her last songs on the album, that may talk about the “goodbye” that her and her boyfriend went through.  By the theme of these songs it sounds like Taylor is almost telling a little story through her words telling you from start to finish about her relationship.

Forget about Taylor Swift’s beautiful voice and extremely talented guitar and piano playing, Taylor has another gift that truly separates the good musicians to the great musicians and that is creativity.  Taylor writes every single one of her songs and there is real passion that goes into every one.  Also, the ability of her to think of a way to get across a story of her relationship through an entire album is phenomenal.  There are many artists that create albums where each song has nothing to do with the other.  That is fine and it has worked for many artists, but it is by no means original.  Taylor’s idea of writing a story through an entire album is one that I am sure will be copied in the future due to how brilliant of an idea it really is.  Taylor never ceases to amaze me and rarely ceases to amaze the public as a whole.  This is my second post in a row on Taylor and her number one hit song and I will not be shocked if I continue to write about her and her brilliance.

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“Back to December”

The number one song on the iTunes top 10 for this week is “Back to December” by Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift is mainly a country singer but has written some pop hits in the past, but “Back to December” sticks to original Taylor.  This song has a great country flow that even gets non-country fans into it.  In this song, Taylor talks about how she broke up with a guy but strongly regrets it.

“We small talk, work and the weather.

Your guard is up and I know why.

Cause the last time you saw me.

Is still burned in the back of your mind.

You gave me roses and I left them there to die.”

Here she talks about how when her boyfriend tried to keep the relationship alive by giving her roses she didn’t want anything to do with him and she didn’t accept the roses.  However, she greatly regrets this and is trying to apologize to him to get him back.  The thing about Taylor’s songs is that they always tell a story, and more times than not these stories directly relate her life.

Taylor Swift has had two major relationships in the past years; one involving Taylor Lautner, the star from the movie Twilight, and one involving Joe Jonas; a member of the band The Jonas Brothers.  Taylor writes her own music so whenever she does write, the writing is usually coming from her own personal experience.  It is not clear of which guy she is talking about in this song since she refuses to say a name, but since Taylor Lautner was her last relationship, she can very well be talking about him.  This song is very relatable to most teenage girls because it is about a boyfriend and a girlfriend that went through a bad break-up but now the girl regrets her decision.  Being a teenager myself, I know from my close girl friends experiences with their guys that they have gone through situations that are similar to the one Taylor Swift is in.  This is why so many teenyboppers love Taylor Swift.  She tells her stories through her music and when girls listen to these words they truly believe that these songs are about their lives.

Most of Taylor Swift’s diehard fans are teenage girls and its not only because her songs are so relatable but because Taylor is only 20 years old and just recently exited her teenage years so she still has the same problems and drama that any high school or college girl would go through.  The amazing thing about Taylor is that even though she is only 20 years of age, she has had major success in the music world.  In 2008, her two albums combined for a total of four million copies sold, making her the best-selling musician of the year in the United States and at time she was only 18!  Taylor Swift is not only a singer but also a multi-talented artist; she sings, plays the piano and guitar, and even writes her own music.  At 20 years old, Taylor Swift is already one of the most successful musicians out there and there are no signs of her slowing down anytime soon.  Taylor has even had a few small parts in a couple of movies just showing her versatility in her talents.

Taylor is a small town girl from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania so she is not used to all this fame and attention that she is now suddenly receiving.  However, getting the chance to go out with guys like Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner, teen heartthrobs and many teenage girls dream guys, I do not think she is complaining one bit.  And what makes Taylor so special is her ability to reel in these untouchable guys and still manage to break their hearts, showing the world that even those guys are not good enough for her.  Taylor is a very powerful young woman and she is one of, if not the best, role model for teenage and young women out there.  She has the ability to have a successful music career, maintain a happy family, go out with the most wanted guys in Hollywood, and still have time to do some acting on the side.  Taylor can do it all and this is why she should really be an inspiration to, not only teenage girls and young women, but also everyone looking to have a successful, happy, and balanced life.  “Back to December” is a great song but I can almost guarantee, this will not be Taylor’s last visit to the iTunes top 10, number one spot.


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“Like a G6”

The number one song on iTunes for this week is “Like a G6” by Far East Movement Feat. Cataracs & Dev.  This is a “club banger” sort of speak, and is a major hit with anyone from the ages of 12-30ish (even though just about anyone can find a way to like such a catchy tune like this one).  This is a very catchy song that almost anyone can find him or herself nodding their heads to unconsciously.  The definition of a good song to me is one that either makes you want to sing or dance from the moment it touches your ear drums and I believe “Like a G6” is one of these songs.  Other songs on the iTunes top ten include “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, “Just a Dream” by Nelly and “Only Girl (In the World)” by Rihanna but these songs were just not good enough to beat out Far East Movement.  Even though Bruno Mars, Nelly, and certainly, Rihanna, are much bigger stars than Far East Movement, “Like a G6” still was able to win the fans over.

I believe this up-beat techno song is very popular, not only for its great ability to make people dance, but also because of the number one hit show at the moment, The Jersey ShoreThe Jersey Shore is a show based on “Guido’s” and “Guidettes” that love clubbing and fist pumping to crazy techno beats like this one.  The more popular the show became the more people have been listening to club songs and Far East Movement just stayed with what is popular.  They figured by creating a song that possibly the Jersey Shore cast could dance to would ultimately become a hit to fans around the nation due to the huge popularity of the show.  Far East Movement was smart in creating this song because as you can see it has jumped to the number one spot on iTunes, which is a very prestigious place to be.

iTunes over the years has slowly taken over the music industry and everyone does all their purchasing of music through the Internet—through iTunes.  People constantly check iTunes for new songs and new albums to add to their iTunes library.  Now the reason why iTunes top ten is so prestigious is because nine people out of ten will check the iTunes top ten when wanting to purchase a new song.  People trust the iTunes top ten to give them good songs that everyone likes so to be on top of the iTunes list at number one cannot get any better for the artist.  It is a tiny milestone for any artist to climb atop the list of the iTunes top ten and when succeeding in this goal it is a very humbling feeling to see that all your hard work into creating this song has achieved ultimate superiority in the music world.  iTunes became so prestigious to the point of where people actually keep statistics on how many songs and how long each song has been at number one on the iTunes list or just on the iTunes top ten all together.

Far East Movement is a fairly new group so they don’t have much out yet but if they produce more songs like this one I believe they will ultimately become a success.  To be this new of a group and already have a number one song on iTunes Far East Movement is on a good track to becoming a huge group for years to come.  If they can continue to come out with number one hits on the iTunes top ten they are for sure to become a name spoken well of for years to come.  Many people may not know who Far East Movement is and may just think “Like a G6” is a good song, once they make a name for themselves and produce three or four more number one hits than Far East Movement will become a household name.  Overall, iTunes is a place where all music lovers come to catch up on the latest and greatest hits at the time and to purchase songs that they believe should be up at the number one spot.  The more a song is bought the better chance it has to becoming the number one song.  If the same song is continually bought over and over again that same song can be number one for weeks and weeks at a time, which is ultimately any music artists dream.

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