“That’s All She Wrote”

This week’s number eight song on the iTunes top ten is “That’s All She Wrote” by T.I. featuring Eminem.  This is T.I.’s first real single since being in jail and it is pretty clear that he has not missed a beat while being behind bars.  Intelligently enough, he asked Eminem to be on this song, which is probably one of the best decisions you can make if you are T.I.  Eminem is one of the best rappers to ever live and just about murders every single verse that he writes no matter what he is rapping about.  In this song, the overall message is talking about how no one is better than them and “that is all she wrote” for his haters.  He is basically saying no matter how much you hate I will still be better than you.

“You wanna hate, have a nice time,

while I get stupid paper, hey my dough aint in its right mind”

This song really works because Eminem, even though not physically being locked up, he was tied down to his drug addiction.  He has just recently gotten over his drug addiction and is currently living a sober life.  When Eminem was in his state of taking pills and drinking alcohol he was out of concession for a while, similar to T.I.  They both were out of site and away from the public so this song is perfect for them to both be on.  They are talking about how they have haters but no matter what they are better than them because they proved that they can overcome just about everything and still be successful.

This come back song is huge and the album that T.I. just released called “No Mercy” will really prove if he still has it.  My guess is that the entire year that he was in jail all he did was write.  And after a year of writing I can only imagine what he has in store for us on this album.  T.I. truly is a man of his work so I only expect excellence from this new album and I am sure I will not be disappointed.  “That’s All She Wrote” is just a preview of how amazing his album will be.  I am pretty positive about that.

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