“Teenage Dream”

This week’s number one song on the iTunes top ten is “Teenage Dream” by the Glee Cast.  It is not too much of a shock to me that they are number one on the iTunes top ten due to their great success from the television show.  However, I do not believe it is fair to the other artists out there that are only putting out music without a heavily marketed and publicized television show.  I understand that the show is very musical based but I do not believe that it should be transferred to actual music ratings like on the billboard top ten and the iTunes top ten.  There are so many musical based shows out there now that they should almost have their own category.  Also, most, if not all, the songs that the Glee Cast sings are real songs that they just cover.  So really, they should not be number one and the actual artist that wrote the song should at least get some recognition.  For example, “Teenage Dream” is really a Katy Perry song yet nowhere on the glee record does it say anything about Katy Perry.  Katy Perry worked hard on that song to write and sing it and to not give her any credit for the song is simply unfair.

But the one thing that I do respect about the Glee Cast is that they are actually all real singers and are extremely talented outside of the television show.  Most of them have at one point performed on Broadway and we all know that if you have the chance to perform on Broadway you really have a special talent.  In “Teenage Dream” I feel like it is a perfect song of the Glee Cast to sing because it talks all about the “teenage dream” and them being in high school it completely relates to them right at the moment.  This also strongly relates to college students, like I am right now, because a lot of college students are in their teens and even if they are not a teen anymore but are still college they can still be considered a kid.  Therefore, this song greatly relates to high school and teenage kids and the way a certain significant other may make you feel.

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One Response to “Teenage Dream”

  1. Juliana Bada says:

    Okay, first of all, I love Glee. Not gonna lie, I think its an awesome show. Sometimes I feel like their songs that they put on itunes sound too synthetic, and the voices sound a little retouched, but its really just a catchy show. I think that in the context of the show “Teenage Dream” most definitely fits the plot line. I mean if you don’t watch Glee this isn’t really that obvious to you, but this song was sung when Kurt, who is a gay boy in high school, transferred schools. He switched schools because he was being bullied to because of his sexuality the point where he felt unsafe in his school. He switched to an all boys private school, and watched the Glee club at his new school sing “Teenage Dream”. This definitely applies to the plot because to Kurt, this new school is a teenage dream. He is finally in an environment that doesn’t tolerate bullying. This also applies to the recent news in bullying in schools across America.

    P.S. Katy Perry tweeted that she liked this song sung by Glee so much that she made it her ring tone when it came out. Just Sayin.

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