“What’s My Name?”

The number one song for this week on iTunes was “What’s my name?” by Rihanna featuring Drake.  Rihanna is one of the most popular music artists out there right now and she continues to produce number one hit after number one hit.  The feature that she has on her song is Drake, a rapper that has just recently released his first album that made number one a few months back.  This shows the intelligence Rihanna has when making a new song.  She wants her song to be a hit so to help that cause she asks one of the most popular rappers to feature on it.  This immediately attracts the eyes and ears of not only Rihanna fans but Drake fans as well.  This song is about a boy that Rihanna is either interested in or involved with that is really making her fall.

you got that something

that keeps me so off balance

baby you’re a challenge,

lets explore your talent”

She talks about if this boy can keep up with her and if this boy has what it takes because she really wants to be with him and this boy is really her type.  Considering what has happened to her over the past year with Chris Brown physically abusing her and what not I think it is a really good sign to see her singing about a boy that she has a thing for and a strong liking towards.  This shows that she is slowly but surely getting over the traumatic events of the Chris Brown incident and moving on to bigger and better things.

It takes a really strong woman to be able to come back from such a traumatizing moment like that in her life.  Not many people, if any, can envision the person they love striking them so many times in the face that they become unrecognizable, however that’s what happened to Rihanna and she has risen above it.  She made it a mission to forget about Chris Brown and everything that he has done to her, whether it is good or bad, and move on with her life.  Not too long after the incident, Rihanna’s overall music was very “hard” and powerful.  She wanted to portray through her music how was not going to let this effect her and how she wouldn’t let her stop her from doing what she wants to do in life.  Of course, she got enormous amounts of respect all throughout the nation after the incident and that only made her stronger.  She is a great role model for all women out there and especially for women that have been physically abused in passed relationships.  She illustrates a great way to overcome such obstacles and how to endure the emotional and physical pain in a relationship.

Overall, this song can easily relate to any college student that sees a male or female that they are interested in and want to get to know.  It happens in almost every day; two people catch one another staring and instantly an attraction arises.  In this song Rihanna is talking about how she is into this boy but is still a little skeptical by asking, “What’s my name?” but she still knows the attraction is there.  In college, especially at Michigan State University, you see a different face every single day so you never truly know when an attraction will occur.  By Rihanna relating so well to college kids it ultimately makes her music more popular and more well liked, because who would not like a song that they can relate so well to?

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2 Responses to “What’s My Name?”

  1. Tom Walbrun says:

    This is a good song by Rihanna, definitely one of my personal favorites that she has done. I really like Drake as well so these two making a song together is as good if not better than when she and Eminem made the popular song “love the way you lie”. This is definitely a much more relaxed and happy song than “love the way you lie” because this one is all about their attraction to each other whereas Eminem just makes every song he is in sound like an angry rant about how crappy his life is and how much he hates it.
    I also like how you discuss the adversity she has faced in dealing with the Chris Brown beating she took. It does take a strong person to come back from that and she is doing a tremendous job. You also hit it right on the money when you said how it relates to any male or female college student. Almost any college student will see someone, have the urge to talk to them, but still be skeptical just like you said Rihanna is talking about in her song. You do a very good job on the in depth analysis of the song as a whole and it shows me a much bigger amount about the song, and that it is also much deeper than I thought it was when I initially heard it.
    -Tom Walbrun

  2. Juliana Bada says:

    I really like this song. I usually don’t listen to this top 40 stuff, but when I’m here at school, its hard to avoid these kind of songs. They are at every party and are echoing through every dorm room. I’m not sure if everyone plays them because they actually like them or because they know everyone else knows them and just want everyone to join in singing. Perhaps its both. What’s My Name is definitely one of those songs that I’ve heard at a party, then the entire next like four days its stuck in my head. It had that catchy chorus that is so repetitive that you can’t stop singing it. The “oh na na, what’s me name?” is what got me. I think it has a good beat that makes you want to dance and sing, and I mean what more can you ask for in a song like this? Rihanna is definitely a crowd pleaser in this track. I thought her style was a little questionable lately, because she seemed so angry in all her music like you mentioned her “hard” style. However, with this song and “The Only Girl in the World”, she has had me tapping my toes lately. Aside from Rihanna, I actually like Drake in this song. Although suggestive and a little raunchy, his lyrics are actually humorous to me. I’m not sure if he is actually planning on being successful at picking up women with those lyrics, but I think that one of the main reasons people like Drake’s part in this song is because his lyrics are a little bit funny. Maybe its just me. I just know I like to see how long I can go rapping Drake’s part without stopping, which usually only lasts about the first two lines.
    Overall, I think this is a really good song. Here at school, these are pretty much the only types of songs they play at parties and in the dorms, so we are surrounded by them quite a bit. This is probably one of my favorite Top 40 songs at the moment!

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