“Like a G6”

The number one song on iTunes for this week is “Like a G6” by Far East Movement Feat. Cataracs & Dev.  This is a “club banger” sort of speak, and is a major hit with anyone from the ages of 12-30ish (even though just about anyone can find a way to like such a catchy tune like this one).  This is a very catchy song that almost anyone can find him or herself nodding their heads to unconsciously.  The definition of a good song to me is one that either makes you want to sing or dance from the moment it touches your ear drums and I believe “Like a G6” is one of these songs.  Other songs on the iTunes top ten include “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, “Just a Dream” by Nelly and “Only Girl (In the World)” by Rihanna but these songs were just not good enough to beat out Far East Movement.  Even though Bruno Mars, Nelly, and certainly, Rihanna, are much bigger stars than Far East Movement, “Like a G6” still was able to win the fans over.

I believe this up-beat techno song is very popular, not only for its great ability to make people dance, but also because of the number one hit show at the moment, The Jersey ShoreThe Jersey Shore is a show based on “Guido’s” and “Guidettes” that love clubbing and fist pumping to crazy techno beats like this one.  The more popular the show became the more people have been listening to club songs and Far East Movement just stayed with what is popular.  They figured by creating a song that possibly the Jersey Shore cast could dance to would ultimately become a hit to fans around the nation due to the huge popularity of the show.  Far East Movement was smart in creating this song because as you can see it has jumped to the number one spot on iTunes, which is a very prestigious place to be.

iTunes over the years has slowly taken over the music industry and everyone does all their purchasing of music through the Internet—through iTunes.  People constantly check iTunes for new songs and new albums to add to their iTunes library.  Now the reason why iTunes top ten is so prestigious is because nine people out of ten will check the iTunes top ten when wanting to purchase a new song.  People trust the iTunes top ten to give them good songs that everyone likes so to be on top of the iTunes list at number one cannot get any better for the artist.  It is a tiny milestone for any artist to climb atop the list of the iTunes top ten and when succeeding in this goal it is a very humbling feeling to see that all your hard work into creating this song has achieved ultimate superiority in the music world.  iTunes became so prestigious to the point of where people actually keep statistics on how many songs and how long each song has been at number one on the iTunes list or just on the iTunes top ten all together.

Far East Movement is a fairly new group so they don’t have much out yet but if they produce more songs like this one I believe they will ultimately become a success.  To be this new of a group and already have a number one song on iTunes Far East Movement is on a good track to becoming a huge group for years to come.  If they can continue to come out with number one hits on the iTunes top ten they are for sure to become a name spoken well of for years to come.  Many people may not know who Far East Movement is and may just think “Like a G6” is a good song, once they make a name for themselves and produce three or four more number one hits than Far East Movement will become a household name.  Overall, iTunes is a place where all music lovers come to catch up on the latest and greatest hits at the time and to purchase songs that they believe should be up at the number one spot.  The more a song is bought the better chance it has to becoming the number one song.  If the same song is continually bought over and over again that same song can be number one for weeks and weeks at a time, which is ultimately any music artists dream.

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3 Responses to “Like a G6”

  1. Josh Burnell says:

    First off i still can not figure out what this song is about. I keep asking people and no one really has given me an answer. I can agree with you on the fact that it is catchy and gets stuck in your head really easy. However i can’t say i like the song. When it came out people started over playing it way too much and at every single party you go to the song is played like 5 times within an hour of being there. This is the first song i have ever heard from Far East Movement so i don’t know if they have any better songs but i don’t like this song and the beat is kind of annoying. If it weren’t over played i would definitely like it a lot more and would listen to it. But in the club this song is pretty cool when everyone starts dancing and heads start bobbing. It must be a Michigan State thing though because when i go and visit friends from others schools none of them really listen to the song which is kind of funny. Does this song have anything to do with the pontiac G6? maybe if i knew what it was talking about i would have different views about this song but i still haven’t figured it out. I bet this is gonna be one of those come back songs though for me. I’m gonna not hear it for a long time and then it’s gonna come back and be huge again and ill probably like it. Once a song goes away and comes back i usually like it a lot more the second time around. I don’t know i guess well have to see if that happens.

  2. Tom Walbrun says:

    I would like to start off by saying that this is one of my top party songs along with the Kesha song that is above this one. I do not think that any person on the campus of Michigan State does not know the words to this song, and would not immediately feel the urge to either dance or sing along with it once it is turned on and started playing. I also completely agree with how you relate to the music the Jersey Shore Cast listens to and the song, because they are one of the same and it is obviously a big reason for its breakout in popularity. Also, I was really surprised to find out that the name of the artist(s) was Far East Movement, I never knew who actually did this song but I always assumed that it was someone who was already famous that I just did not recognize.
    In reference to the other comment I would like to say that the G6 is not the Pontiac G6 but rather it is a specific type of Jet Airplane that is a status symbol for the wealthy because of its high price and flashy interior. The Pontiac G6 is simply a midsized sedan that is not really that cool so I would be surprised if anyone would ever write a song about it, however I will admit that is what I first assumed the song was about until I decided to look it up on the popular search engine known as google. Overall, very well done and I am excited to look at your other song reviews.

    -Tom Walbrun

  3. I have to agree with Josh, this song is incredibly overplayed… I mean, the beat is catchy, and it’s decently composed, but it’s overplayed, and the lyrics inside it are very repetitive. The song seriously says “G6” about thirty times.

    Basically, a G6 is a type of plane. It’s essentially the “best” one out there currently, and it’s expensive as all hell. Being so, it’s a pun on repeatedly saying “Feeling so fly like a G6″… Because “Fly” is a pun on planes flying, and “fly” has also been revolutionized in our times to mean “cool.”

    The irony? In the music video, the band doesn’t get into a G6.. They get into a G4, as they can’t even afford the G6, lol…. Just goes to show the prestige of the plane, I guess.

    I actually like this song, it really isn’t my genre at all, but it got annoying really fast, due to being overplayed, and just saying the exact same thing, over and over and over and over.

    I won’t be mad when the song goes away, but something tells me it’s going to keep coming up on award shows, and the “top 20” countdown things… Ah well.

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