“Just The Way You Are”

This week’s number ten song on the iTunes top ten is “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.  Once again, another Bruno Mars song.  By no means am I shocked at this because like I stated earlier, when I blogged about his other hit “Grenade”, it is about time that he is getting recognition for the music that he makes.  In this song he talks about a girl that he loves and how he would not change anything about her.

When I see your face

There’s not a thing that I would change

Cause you’re amazing

Just the way you are

And when you smile,

The whole world stops and stares for awhile

Cause girl you’re amazing

Just the way you are”

This is a very heart-warming song that anyone can strike a liking to because when listening to this song I bet just about everyone out there has one person in their mind that they would not change simply because they are perfect just the way they are.  When Bruno Mars sings this song you can hear the passion in his voice and the love that he has for this girl that he is singing about.  It is quite evident that he is in love and this girl truly means the world to him.  When I first heard this song, I instantly thought it was just another sappy love song that people will get sick over after a month or so, but really this one is sticking.  I believe the main reason for this is because he is not consistently saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you” but he is saying those three oh so special words without actually saying those words at all.  By simply commenting on her smile, or the way he feels when he just sees her face clearly implies love.  Being in love is truly like a drug, because as we all know so very well, no one is perfect.  However, when you are in love, that person is perfect, and believe it or not you truly convince yourself that he or she is perfect in every single way.  It is hard to imagine someone being completely “perfect” but you got to remember, perfect is what the lover sees, and not what the person, on the outside looking in sees.  It goes back to the age-old quote, “Love is in the eye of the beholder” and in a way you can almost say that, “Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.”  But this is why I love this song.  When you listen to it you instantly think of the person you love and to have the person on your mind, there really is no better feeling.

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“Bottoms Up”

This week’s number nine song on the iTunes top ten is “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj.  Trey Songz continues to put out hit after hit and really knows how to get people dancing.  This song is just a fun song where Trey Songz sings about partying and dancing in the club while poppin bottles.  Of course, this can almost go without saying, Trey Songz shouts out to all the girls and how they can put their “bottoms up.”  As corny as that sounds, it really has become a hit all throughout the nation.

“Bottoms up, bottoms up, pocket full of green

Girl, you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans

Bottoms up, bottoms up, throw ya hands up

Bottoms up, bottoms up, bottoms up”

Trey Songz may not have the best lyrics in the world but honestly people nowadays just like to hear catchy songs that they can dance to.  And let me tell you, Trey Songz really knows how to do that.  He added a feature on this track, Nicki Minaj, who absolutely kills her verse in this song.  Nicki Minaj is a new up and coming woman rapper that goes hard in every song she is in so this is a nice touch to the song.  Also, I believe Trey Songz asked her to be in this song because this song is basically about putting your “bottoms up” and Nicki Minaj is known to have a very, very big…bottom, lets say.  To her credit, she is a good rapper, do not get me wrong but I think Trey Songz had a little more reason to put her on this track besides her rapping skills.  However, Nicki Minaj sticks to the theme of the song and raps all about alcohol and partying in the club.

“Yo, could I get that ‘Tron?

Could I get that Remmy?

Could I get that Coke?

Could I get that Henny?

Could I get that margarita on the rock rock rocks?

Could I get that salt all around that rim rim rim rim?”

As you can see, Nicki Minaj raps with an attitude, showing that she is not some girl that you can just push around.  She is the modern day Lil Kim.  And not to say Lil Kim is washed up but she has not come out with anything in the recent years so it is safe to say Nicki Minaj took the female rapper crown.  Not that it really matters but it is pretty interesting to see Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj go at it and fight through their music.  If you ever get a chance you should for sure check out the Lil Kim diss song to Nicki Minaj, it definitely is something to hear.  In fact, let me just give you the link, it is worth a listen.   –>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4kVyAegvSg

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“That’s All She Wrote”

This week’s number eight song on the iTunes top ten is “That’s All She Wrote” by T.I. featuring Eminem.  This is T.I.’s first real single since being in jail and it is pretty clear that he has not missed a beat while being behind bars.  Intelligently enough, he asked Eminem to be on this song, which is probably one of the best decisions you can make if you are T.I.  Eminem is one of the best rappers to ever live and just about murders every single verse that he writes no matter what he is rapping about.  In this song, the overall message is talking about how no one is better than them and “that is all she wrote” for his haters.  He is basically saying no matter how much you hate I will still be better than you.

“You wanna hate, have a nice time,

while I get stupid paper, hey my dough aint in its right mind”

This song really works because Eminem, even though not physically being locked up, he was tied down to his drug addiction.  He has just recently gotten over his drug addiction and is currently living a sober life.  When Eminem was in his state of taking pills and drinking alcohol he was out of concession for a while, similar to T.I.  They both were out of site and away from the public so this song is perfect for them to both be on.  They are talking about how they have haters but no matter what they are better than them because they proved that they can overcome just about everything and still be successful.

This come back song is huge and the album that T.I. just released called “No Mercy” will really prove if he still has it.  My guess is that the entire year that he was in jail all he did was write.  And after a year of writing I can only imagine what he has in store for us on this album.  T.I. truly is a man of his work so I only expect excellence from this new album and I am sure I will not be disappointed.  “That’s All She Wrote” is just a preview of how amazing his album will be.  I am pretty positive about that.

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“Black and Yellow”

The number six song on the iTunes top 10 this week is “Black and Yellow” by none other than Wiz Khalifa.  If you know hip-hop music you know Wiz Khalifa. If you do not you might be unfamiliar with him. For the most part Wiz Khalifa has remained underground producing nine mix-tapes and two studio albums. Perhaps the greatest thing about Wiz Khalifa is his mix-tapes because they are free. That’s right downloadable online for no cost. Different from his peers and contemporaries it is not all about the money for Wiz. That is not to say he is not trying to make money in this business but “Black and Yellow” is his first taste of mainstream popularity. “Black and Yellow” is his first song to hit the billboard top 10 and is more or less his coming out party. The intro lyrics to the song are indicative of just that.

“Yeah ah ha, you know what it is

everything I do, I do it big

Yeah ah ha, screaming thats nothin

when I pulled out of the lot, thats stuntin”

Right out of the gates he is letting you know who he is and what he is all about. Being a rap star he lives a life of extravagance and whatever he does he is going to do it with the utmost flare and by the time he is done people are going to know who he is because of the way he did things. The second thing to notice this song is clearly the title and repetition of black and yellow in the chorus. Most rap artists support the town they are from be it New York, Los Angeles, or Atlanta by sporting gear, usually at most by wearing a flat bill of their cities sports teams. Wiz Khalifa takes it to a whole other level with his tribute to his hometown of Pittsburgh. The city of Pittsburgh has three major sports teams: the Steelers, the Penguins, and the Pirates all of whom have the same color scheme. Yup you guessed it, black and yellow. In his extravagance Wiz takes the support of his hometown teams farther than most other rap stars. The lyrics of the song speak about his black and yellow accessories.

“Reppin my town when you see me you know everything

Black and yellow, black and yellow

Black and yellow, black and yellow

I put it down from my whip to my diamonds

Black and yellow, black and yellow

Black and yellow, black and yellow

Black and yellow, black and yellow”

The lyrics talk about his watches and jewelry being decked out black and yellow diamonds and in the video his black and yellow whip he mentions is a new Chevy Camaro. Also mentioned in the song are two things that will be mentioned in virtually all Wiz songs. Marijuana and the Taylor Gang. Wiz is an avid and open marijuana user and many of his songs and album titles are about this use. Secondly, he belongs to the Taylor Gang of Pittsburgh, and as Wiz becomes more popular so will his saying “Taylor Gang or die” generally he says it in intros or outros to his songs but it is a phrase to become accustomed with because as his popularity grows so does the popularity of this phrase. In my eyes one of the biggest signs that Wiz has made in terms of the mainstream are the offshoot parodies that have come from this song. Be it the black and mild version, the green and white version MSU users have posted on Facebook, or the pink and purple version that has become popular with my dorm buddies. His climb on the iTunes is atypical of most. Rather than peaking and slowly fizzling out it has steadily climbed on the charts indicating he is here to stay and I could not be happier about it.

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This week’s number one song on the iTunes top ten is “Grenade” by Bruno Mars.  Bruno Mars is an up and coming artist that is solely but surely making his dent in the music industry.  He has an R&B feel to his music with lyrics that always have a strong meaning behind them.  In “Grenade” he sings about a girl that he truly loves but she just threw him away not caring about what she is leaving behind.

“Gave you all I had

And you tossed it in the trash

You tossed it in the trash, you did

To give me all your love is all I ever asked,

Cause what you don’t understand is”

The chorus is what really gets me though.  He talks about how he would basically do anything for this girl, to the point of death, and no matter what he would do for her, she would never do the same for him.

“I’d catch a grenade for ya

Throw my hand on a blade for ya

I’d jump in front of a train for ya

You know I’d do anything for ya

Oh, oh
I would go through all this pain,

Take a bullet straight through my brain,

Yes, I would die for ya baby; But you won’t do the same”

It is a really depressing song but so extremely passionate at the same time.  No one wants to feel like they are stuck loving someone when the other person has no passion for them.  It is an awful feeling to have and if you love someone so much to the point that you are willing to kill yourself for that person, its not that easy to get over.  Unfortunately, most people will experience this type of feeling in their lives after a rough break up and even though you might not feel like you would want to kill yourself for that person, similar feelings to that would be there.

Bruno Mars is an up and coming artist that is finally getting some well deserved recognition.  If you did not know, that huge hit “Nothing on You” by B.o.B. featured Bruno Mars in it.  Not only did it feature Bruno Mars but also he actually was the one that sang one of the catchiest chorus’ in 2010.  Without even knowing it people everywhere were singing Bruno Mars and the chorus of “Nothing on You.”  When doing more research on that song I found out that Bruno Mars did, indeed, sing the chorus and all I can think of was why he does not have his own songs out.  Not soon after I said that he came out with his first solo number one hit, which was titled “Just The Way You Are.”  Ironically enough, this song is all about how much he loves this girl and how he loves her just the way she is.  He talks all about how happy he is with her and the song is very upbeat.  Just a few weeks after this song struck number one, “Grenade” came out, which is a depressing song that is the complete opposite of “Just The Way You Are.”  Maybe he planned this out so people can see the good and than the bad side of a relationship, and if this is what he had in mind it shows great creativity in his music.  I think Bruno Mars is here to stay and will continue to put out hit after hit.

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This week’s number one song on the iTunes top 10 is “Firework” by Katy Perry.  There is absolutely no surprise in Katy Perry being at the top of the list this week and it is due to her skyrocketing popularity and her amazing talent when making music.  Everything she puts out she seems to find its way on the top ten of iTunes and in this case at the number one spot.  The song “Firework” believe it or not, is one of my favorite songs out there right now.  It is unbelievably inspirational and really can pick anyone up when they are down.  It first starts off with Katy Perry asking the listener, asking if this is what you feel right now.

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

Drifting through the wind

Wanting to start again

Do you ever feel, feel so paper-thin

Like a house of cards

One blow from caving in

Do you ever feel already buried deep

Six feet under scream

But no one seems to hear a thing

Do you know that there’s still a chance for you

Cause there’s a spark in you”

In the end of her little “questionnaire” she leaves you with one last question telling the listener that there is still a chance.  What she means here is that there is still a chance to turn your life around and there is still a chance to feel good about yourself again.  In the chorus she states how you can show them what you got and to basically always keep your head up.

“Cause baby you’re a firework

Come on show ’em what your worth

Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”

As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you’re a firework

Come on let your colors burst

Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”

You’re gunna leave ’em fallin’ down-own-own”

She is saying here that anyone can be a “shining star” and anyone can stand out and become noticed.  There is no need to stay in your shell and she is telling you just break out and be yourself and show the world who you really are.  She is saying how everyone is amazing in his or her own way and there is no reason to hide yourself from the public.

This song just proves that Katy Perry is one of the best role models out there right now just by listening to her words.  I do not think people really realize how much music affects a person’s life and how it can really help them get through tough times.  When people are down they have the tendency to lose themselves in their music and just really listen to the words of each song.  By losing yourself in “Firework” you can easily snap the funk that you are in and start to feel better about yourself.  I believe Katy Perry will continue to write songs that are inspirational because it sends a good message to the public and continues to portray her as a good role model for everyone in our society.

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“Teenage Dream”

This week’s number one song on the iTunes top ten is “Teenage Dream” by the Glee Cast.  It is not too much of a shock to me that they are number one on the iTunes top ten due to their great success from the television show.  However, I do not believe it is fair to the other artists out there that are only putting out music without a heavily marketed and publicized television show.  I understand that the show is very musical based but I do not believe that it should be transferred to actual music ratings like on the billboard top ten and the iTunes top ten.  There are so many musical based shows out there now that they should almost have their own category.  Also, most, if not all, the songs that the Glee Cast sings are real songs that they just cover.  So really, they should not be number one and the actual artist that wrote the song should at least get some recognition.  For example, “Teenage Dream” is really a Katy Perry song yet nowhere on the glee record does it say anything about Katy Perry.  Katy Perry worked hard on that song to write and sing it and to not give her any credit for the song is simply unfair.

But the one thing that I do respect about the Glee Cast is that they are actually all real singers and are extremely talented outside of the television show.  Most of them have at one point performed on Broadway and we all know that if you have the chance to perform on Broadway you really have a special talent.  In “Teenage Dream” I feel like it is a perfect song of the Glee Cast to sing because it talks all about the “teenage dream” and them being in high school it completely relates to them right at the moment.  This also strongly relates to college students, like I am right now, because a lot of college students are in their teens and even if they are not a teen anymore but are still college they can still be considered a kid.  Therefore, this song greatly relates to high school and teenage kids and the way a certain significant other may make you feel.

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